Captive Breeding in Cornwall


The CRSP have been working with David Woolcock of Paradise Park to breed a healthy stock of red squirrels in Cornwall ahead of our release.

Currently the project has three separate breeding sites, the first being Paradise Park in Hayle, as well as Trelowarren where there are now multiple enclosures, and Trewithen. The aim across the next year is to breed a varied and healthy population that the project will be able to release into the wild that will hopefully have numbers that will account for any losses from natural parts of life in the wild for red squirrels, such as predatory attacks. Once the habitat is confirmed to be secure and our population is at a stable level then the project will operate a soft release. A soft release means that for a period of time following the release the enclosures will remain on site with a squirrel sized opening, so the squirrels can come and go as they please whilst they adapt to life in the wild.